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a moment of silence for all the little girls this halloween who had to be anna because their older sister wanted to be elsa

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Stiles Stilinski comes of age with a photoshoot in Omega Monthly

The young omega turns eighteen at the end of the month and, much to the shock of Beacon Hills, he has chosen to ignore the traditional débutante party.

When questioned on his reasons, Stiles snorts, a little half laugh that even has the betas in the room swooning. “I don’t get it, y’know?” he says, his hands twisting together. “Okay, omegas are special, we’re rare, but I’m pretty sure everyone knows who I am.”

So why the photoshoot?

"It was either this or the party, and this is over quicker."

When asked if there are any alphas he has his eye on, Stiles shrugs, a glint in his eye that speaks to an answer, even if he won’t give a direct one.

"Possibly. But if I say who it is, they’ll think they’ve already got me. Not that — omegas aren’t a prize," he says, his eyes darkening. Stiles leans forward, confident in a way few omegas are. "Being courted is fine, it’s fun, but anyone who treats me as an omega first and a person second is never going to get anywhere."

Then an alpha has to be special to get you?

"You could say that. Or you could say that I already know the alpha I want."

Sources say that the young omega has been spotted out with the Hale family on numerous occasions, so everyone is wondering if it’s Derek Hale who Stiles has his eye on?

"Derek is — Derek’s special. He doesn’t like the attention, so I think that’s as much as I’m going to say on that."

Stiles might be keeping his lips sealed, but something tells this magazine that by the time this issue is out, there’ll be a new alpha/omega couple on the streets of Beacon Hills.

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Replace All Straight Men With Literally Anything Else 2014



I find this extremely offensive.. Jokingly or not. Not all men are assholes, you know.

Who left this tray of lasagna here

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on a dead floor and all jeeeeez

lord help me this is the most satisfying gif to watch

their timing though




on a dead floor and all jeeeeez

lord help me this is the most satisfying gif to watch

their timing though

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13 cats failing at hide and seek

As good as cats think they are at hiding from us, we know better.

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i wish there was an unfollow option that you could press on a blog that says i’m really sorry it’s not u, ure beautiful i just hate everything u blog

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An old tree stump with grass growing over it, Faroe Islands

are you stupid thats a unicorn

oh what I have to draw this

I love this unicorn

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bravehearttegan and me bein’ adorable



things to consider:

  • stiles with a cock piercing
  • bottom!derek

Yes yes, good, please continue

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im laughing so hard you’re so fucking stupid

Proof that people behind anon-hate are nothing but fucking cowards. So the next time an anon sends you hate, just remember this post and know you’re so much better than they are.

People are fucking idiots

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Everything about this photo is perfect

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Ain’t no party like an Enterprise party

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…and it’s good to see him get that notoriety out of the way. i think he’s a type of guy who enjoys it and does really well with it…and it’s good for our team and good for the sport x

this is awful

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